Thursday, April 24, 2008


The week is almost over. We ended up with a week with a full schedule, and almost a week with gas fill-ups everyday (scary). Monday night I had Hospice, Tuesday night I went to the UU Fellowship and did some quilting, Wednesday we had an appointment with a counselor regarding D and some more coping strategies with his anger and frustration levels (and her findings weren't entirely a surprise, more or less common sense and something I've been thinking and saying for ages now), and tonight I had a Volunteer Appreciation Dinner for the Hospice. Tomorrow night we're having co-workers/friends over again. Busy week, but fulfilling I suppose. Rhonda was over nearly every-time I had something to do to help with the kids, which was a great relief to us both.
Tonights festivities were very enjoyable. The theme was a Hawaiian Luau and I put on a fake grass skirt and a "flower bra" with a lei. The boys were dressed in matching shirts, and Chance dug to the back of the closet to find a flower print shirt for himself. It was enjoyable that we went to celebrate something I had achieved and we made it without any major melt-downs, no snipping at each other, were actually early, and we were rather pleasant the entire time.
I need to make myself a will, and a living will as well, and maybe power of attorney.
Tomorrow I'm hoping to finally plant all the seeds for my flower pots, and cut screening to cover the top o prevent birds from digging into them pots and eating the seeds. Hopefully I can squeeze it in between cleaning, school-work, sewing and the laundry I need to do as well.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Amber on your achievement! You have so much to offer and do so much...if you stand back for a moment, it's mind-boggling - isn't it? Good to hear the dinner was a such a treat for all of you!