Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mom called on Tuesday to tell me my GST had arrived. What an unexpected Windfall :o). So, off I went, to shop shop shop until it was all gone.
I bought myself 3 new pairs of shoes, and Hunter 2 new pairs of shoes. Then I bought a bunch of stuff to play with outside. I got bubbles, and more bubbles, and more bubbles, and rockets to shoot, and a giant frisbee, and a coupla kites, and a new bug container, and water guns, and buckets. Then I bought 7 planters (the place I went was having a super cheap sale on them) and 6 bags of potting soil, and three watering cans (which I have labeled now with names). I hope to plant some flowers and a few vegetables again this year. Hopefully they'll turn out.
I spent about 150 dollars yesterday. Shame on me...but I was getting tired of not having anything to do really while we were all outside.
Spent some time at Don and Rhonda's yesterday, as the truck needed an oil change and such. Rhonda is at home until further notice, poor lady fell done some rotted steps at a clients house and is now home-bound. So, we dropped in and paid a visit.
Left D there while we went shopping, and when we came back they were playing outside. Yesterday morning wasn't too pretty, but it sure turned into a fine day, bright and sunny.
Caught a glimpse of Don's oldest daughter before we left, she was borrowing Don's beetle, and had popped by to pick him up for one reason or another. I waved and smiled, but I don't think I even got eye contact. Oh well. She looked a little more human than I had imagined...LOL
Hunter sits with me while a blog, whenever I do blog, and he looks at the pictures on the photo cubes that I have...and when he sees a picture of himself instead of trying to say his name, he says Bubba! It's cute.
Chance's friends came over the other night for a Mario Party 8 game night, and by the sounds of it, they had fun. The visit brought me about to the fact that i really need to go grocery shopping. I've been living without eggs for at least a week now, and just keep putting if off cause it looked like we had plenty of food in there (cause it was loaded with leftovers, which we picked our way through and got rid of the rest) until garbage day came. Now our fridge is full of condiments, and that's it. I was gonna go yesterday but I H-A-T-E the Wooster Wal Mart, I haven't even been able to find Graduates there. It's cramped, has crappy parking, and isn;t conveniently organized. So, I was waiting to go to Ashland for my shopping because they have a newer, nicer Wal Mart to shop at.
Darius has decided not to do his ice skating lessons anymore...he's just not enjoying himself cause there's other things he'd rather be doing.
Hospice Training is going well, and I feel like they're teaching Common Sense things to people who have no common sense. Some of the people strike as the you shouldn't be here type, but what can ya do.
Schooling is going slowly, and Chance has offered to pick up writing with Darius. I feel bad, because I haven't worked on it with him since we started. I have patience for the schoolwork, but not the writing. The writing is like gritting teeth, and I can't stand it.
I'm hoping to order some new photos soon...hmm, I should do that now.
Darius is in a Church play for Earth Day, he's going to play a Shrimp, and a Chief in a series of short stories to show our effect on the Earth. The Younger kids were enlisted to act out the scenes and the older kids are going to Narrate, so there's no lines for him to memorize. I can't wait.
Back to the grind

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