Sunday, February 17, 2008

Went to Church this morning, and found it to be very comfortable. I was impressed when I spotted the blue bag full of recyclables outside the door on the way in (when most other churches I go to encourage garbaging everything) They had a couple of small rooms for "Religious Education" classes and a rather small nursery, it was nice, and warm feeling. My experiences with any other places I've been to to date have been rather off-putting mainly because there is a level of expectation along with it, of behavior, a dress code and so on. I don't do so well with expectations, cause I really just don't want to put forth that much effort into something I'm not, it makes it feel less sincere.
Anyhow, I was also impressed that there's also no dress code! I felt rather bad as I was getting ready because though I have decent pants, I don't have decent matching shoes, so I ended up in a plain sweater with jeans. Anyhow we got there and explored the nursery, and the classes and all and it looks like a nice place that I look forward to attending.
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