Friday, February 29, 2008


Spent the morning being creative with the boys. We made some cards, and the boys even busted out the paints for some finger painting and such. Pictures are at Flickr.
Decided to take them outside today as it was relatively calm, with little wind. It took us about 30 minutes just to get dressed for the outing (and Darius dressed himself completely, I only adjusted one boot!) but we eventually made it. I had decided this morning that since my afternoon plans were canceled that I would go shovel the driveway as I know it's not going to be done otherwise (and I was sick of tip toeing through everything with my silly little slip on shoes). So, I packed us up, and we headed out back for some snow fun and exploration (I'm dying because it's PERFECT for a snowman and a snow fort), and am hoping to do it again tomorrow, if the snow stays. Afterwards, I hauled us all out front to first shovel a path from our garbage can to the road, and the a path from the road/mailbox/front door/driveway. Darius was great in helping me with this and the smaller shovel he got Chance for Christmas. I had gotten a regular big one some time ago that I was using. Anyhow, after redirecting Hunter from the road several times, I finally finished the driveway...but I was sweating like a pig and had soaked through the bottom 3 layers that I was wearing. Eeew. I can't even remember the last time I broke a sweat. Hunter really didn't do much, he just kinda stood there and looked around, which was great with me, as the few times I did hafta re-direct him were a bit harrowing.
Anyhow, after we finished that, we came in and I got their lunches ready, we ate and hunter went down for his nap without a fight.
Now I guess it's time to start on schoolwork....
I was really hoping to go see Bill Clinton in Wooster tonight...but looks like that won't be likely.

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