Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Finally, like it should look in February. It snowed all night, but it really only gave us an inch or two...not it looks like it's supposed to snow all day.
Gotta go do the cleaning today as I've put it off since Friday for one reason or
Trying my hardest to stick to the schedule I made for D's schoolwork, as much as possible, but I'm finding some days I miss one lesson and catch it up on it the next day.
Tonight I have plans to go to a Gay Marriage discussion at the Wooster Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. I look up their website and it seems like a decent place, but some places aren't as they say on paper. We'll see this evening though. Hopefully they'll be nice, cause I wouldn't mind attending someplace where I belong.
In any event, I'm taking Rhonda with me, which is nice cause Chance didn't wanna go, and it's always easier going someplace new when someone is with you. The agenda calls for a couple of videos and a discussion following.
Anyhow, I guess I should get started ont he schoolwork for the day or it'll never get finished...

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