Saturday, February 02, 2008

It's Saturday it considered the end of the week, or the beginning of the next?
It's been brought to my attention that I'm really just relaxing a little bit too much, and that I need to ease off a bit.
Of course, I've been laying off a few things, in my attempt to adjust, but I really just need to get my behind in gear now.
I can feel myself sitting in the background, saying I don't want to...and why?
Some days, this is just a tough pill to swallow, and I really wish I had a stiff drink to go with it, just this once.
I wish I had some friends, where I could go and escape, and bounce my thoughts off of...find just a little bit of re-assurance. I can only do so much of that over the phone.
At least I've submitted my volunteer forms, hopefully I'll hear about those soon.
I don't laugh as much as I used to. Things just aren't funny to me.
I figured I'm going to send my family new letters, or cards each month for each holiday. Just to keep me busy.
I signed up for a Shutterfly account to print off pictures I've been waiting on since the end of November...and I finally got them ordered. yay me! I can order 86 more prints with my pre-paid plan...I'm thinking I want to set aside the amount for the S&H for next time(so I don't have to wait) , so I can send more pictures along with my card, if it's only one that's perfect. I wouldn't mind trying their picture cards...I've been fooling around with their different projects, and I like that one so far. Next is a calander for next year...hehehe.
Watched Saw 3&4 lastnight...I kept having to remind Chance of what happened in Saw 2.
I'm a gory movie fanatic...if it's got an R+ rating, I'm there. I've been trying to watch Halloween (The Rob Zombie version, but have only made it through the 1st half hour before I get interrupted). I like the Hostel movies, AVP, The Devil's Rejects...and slasher movies where they just come up with even more crative ways to die. I guess I always have been.

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