Monday, February 25, 2008


Was playing Jack-in-the-box today with Darius and he launched right up into my face busting my lip open, and knocking me senseless for the better part of 10 minutes in which my ears were ringing and I had tunnel vision.
It's times like these where I really miss someone able to take care of the kids for me for a bit whilst I recover.

So, the debate is on now, all wondering what we should get D for his birthday, where we should go and so on. It's funny, I usually have these things planned months in advance, but this year I'm just slacking.
I'm thinking a Wii, though I'm not certain if it's either appropriate, or even attainable. I haven't done the pricing or researched the games to see whether or not he could play any of them, but we shall see. We've also had suggestions of sports stuff, which is nice but are limited to what we can do on grass. I can't think of anything he'd really like, other than a Wii, which is what he's been asking for since b4 Christmas, my Birthday actually.
Anyhow, haven't decided where to take him either. I'm pretty certain that we're not having a party. Mainly because we don't know a whole lot of people, and because the people we do know probably wouldn't be willing to drive the 1 hour + just for a party.
That being said, I won't be holding back on the cake or anything else, so it's ok with me.
We could take him to Magic Mountain in Columbus, a Chuck E. Cheese's, or a bounce & play place (like spacewalkers) in Medina, or even take him up to Cleveland for something to do up there (Museum of Natural History etc.). NO idea. I guess I'll just keep saving and see what kind of budget we'll be working with.
My head and neck really hurt now... :oP

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Anonymous said...

It seems from reading just a few posts back, that you have been working very hard. Don't let up - is now your chance for independence? Plan for it.