Friday, December 14, 2007

Yay, I'm Back on the Map!

Internet at home is nice, but as before I can't really use it until the nightime.
I've spent my entire day baking...cookies cookies cookies, all day. The Church accross the street is having a cookie-sale for a fundraiser, so I'm doing my part. Of course, my part wouldn't b min if I didn't go over-board. So, here I am, taking a quick break before finishing my last batch of cookies...Gingerbread!. So far I've made Oatmeal-Raisin, Peanut Butter, Smickerdoodles, and Merangue cookies. I've also made Buck-eyes for the first tie, and they weren't as complicated as I was expecting.
Now I just hafta roll out my gingerbread and toss em in the over, then Chance is planning on making Chocolate Chip and no-bakes.
I've been reading my sign-language books and have been trying to learn some new signs to teach the boys. Hunter seems so interested when I'm doing school-work with Darius that I figure it wouldn't hurt if I taught them somthing together.
I like having the internet at home because it gives me an opportunity to do something for myself, cause I'm not doing much else for me at this point in time.
Darius had his Optometrist appointment the other day, and there's really nothing overly-wrong with his vision. the Dr. said he's a little far-sighted right now, but that he'd grow out of it, and that it was also normal for a child his age. That pissed me off, cause now I'm all paranoid thinkin the stupid school was making shit up to help their case to boot him out. People suck.
So, anyhow, we got him some glasses to help with his school-work (she gave a list of symptoms to watch out for if we needed them, and I said they wre already all present), and while we were picking the frames out there wasn't any intrest at all on D's face until he put one specific pair on, then he got a real big grin on his face. Thankfully, he was covered under the government medical card.
Next week I have the boys' check-ups, and I'm really hoping I'll have a new medical card that covers both of them because they wanna charge me 125 bux for Hunter cause he's currently not covered.
If you haven't watched Sicko yet, you need to.

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