Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Okay, I've uploaded pictures from my last bit onto Flickr...they go back into November, so I'm a bit behin, but at least they're up.
My house is abnormal. I swear, everything has it's place, and it looks the same each day.
I remember in mom's house that you never could tell from day to day what would be out on the table, or in the living room. I can't do that at my house. It doesn't even feel family friendly.
On another note, we've gotten the computer for D's schooling, and all of his course-books, and we'll have internet at home by Friday! Yay!
I've been thoroughly domesticated, and it shows. I don't even bother with make-up anymore unles I know it's a big event. I'm a sweater and slipper kinda lady now too cause we keep it so cold in the house (our latest heating bill was a whopping 166 bux! so now we're trying to keep the heat down).
Life is going ok I suppose. I'm alive, and the kids are happy, those just need to be my main focus to drag me out of the dolldrums I guess.
Christmas is coming up fast. I just need to make a couple of last minute things, and get my stocking stuffers and I'm good. ;o)
Darius visited the dentist and was checked out OK. Tommorow he goes to do his diagnostic test with a school teacher, then off to the Optometrist to find out just how bad his eyes are.
Next week we should get the boys's check-ups with the Pediatrician we've selected (an East Indian Male).
Definately keeping myself busy, I drop at the end of the day. I stay busy with the boys each day with school-work and meals, then we usually watch a movie at night or play board games (picked up Monopooly Junior toy story edition and chutes and ladders for 50 cents a piece) and Darius kicks our butts most times, I honestly don't know how he does it.

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Hekter81 said...

Must be nice to live in your own place,i really want to get my own'll be nice and quite with no party's :) i plan on moving out in the summer.And i think i'm over the gas station thing,talking with Paul really helped,it just bothered me the first couple of month's.And that's awesome that someone would read my blog,you're the only preson that know's about it.