Friday, December 07, 2007

I'm homesick.
If I dind't have kids, I wouldn't be getting out of bed everyday.
I get stuff done everyday, my life moves on, but it's really not going anywhere because

a) I don't have ANY income, which means I cna't leave unless it's neccesary (a 20 minute drive eats up gas that I can't replace without an income)

b) I have yet to begin my volunteering anywheres.

C) I know all my debts in Canada are piling up and there's fuck all I can do about them.

d) I just don't really have anyone to talk to that will really listen, instead of interrupting to tell me their lifestory.

There's a long list of complaints that I have with living here, but it's not really going to matter what I say, because it boils down to me making the choice to move here because I wanted to be fair. I moved here because I had no backbone to tell them to leave me alone. I moved here because I couldn't justify a divorce, because one side told me he didn't deserve me, and the other said...Forgive him, everyone makes mistakes. I couldn't make up my mind, and nothing was letting me get over anything anytime soon.
To quote someone...Life won't just stop because you can't make up your mind.
We had a lot of events since I last posted.
I made my christmas cards, and am planning to send them out real soon, though i'm unsure if they'll have pictures in them or not (I've had them finished for a week now and I've been waiting on pictures). Chance asked me why I put so much effort into things like that, and i had to say it was because I'm not sending gifts home, so this will have to do.
Darius has lost his first tooth, and the second one isn't far behind. Hunter has played in the snow for the first time. Chance is putting in a lot off effort around the house (but until I can drag myself back up, I'm not sure I'm giving him enough credit), Chance has also gotten a part time job (after turning down at least one job) at a local clothing store (WTG!). We got the curriculum stuff for D's home schooling, we are now just waiting on his computer.
I have been trying to upload to Flickr, but there really isn't enough hours in a day.
I hope things are going better on the reading end of this post than they are on the writing end.

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