Sunday, December 23, 2007

I'm trying to use my brain

and it's starting to fail miserably., I'm trying my hardest to make up both my gramma and mummie's places in the holiday scheme of things for the boys, and I believe I'm pulling it off for the most part.
I decided I'm going to do as much food prep today as I can to avoid being stuck in the kitchen tommorow. Busy Busy Busy. I've still gotta work on the pj pants I wanted to make for the boys, and their robes...but oh well. I also wanted to make a few baby doll items for the girl next door. I made, oatmeal raisin cookies, a box cake, peeled the potatoes and set them aside for the mashed tommorow, sliced the carrots and set them aside for tommorow, made a veggie tray, tuna (for the puffs/biscuits I'm gonna make), a cheese ball, sliced pickles for the cheese tray, deviled eggs, a fruit cocktail (the kind with the whipped cream and marshmallows), a pasta salad all this afternoon/evening.
I still plan on making pigs in a blanket, pancake batter (so chance can just toss it on tommorow morning), and rolls.
I figure this can be accomplished if I lay out and pin my pattern that Chance can cut it out for me while I bus myself in the kitchen, then tommorow morning I can sew. I hope.
We still need to go get D's glasses, return library books and such.
Oh well, I'm not stressin over it.
We just got all of the gifts brough over from Don & Rhonda's...and wow. We almost have no living room left. I could understand this amount if there were as many people as we usually have back home, but wow. It's almost frightening when you see it as a whole, how much we all spent.
We're pretty much all set for the next few days, in any event. Here's hoping yours goes as smoothly as I think ours will go.

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