Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Been kinda busy...always seems that way just doesn't seem to want to slow down. Always something to do, always somewhere to be or go. *sighs*
Chance is looking into buying me a 400 DOllar Buick something-or-other with 4 doors, good mileage, and kicking a/c. I'll take it...I can't do this chauffer business anymore. I hate having to work my life by everyone else's scheduals...and I'm not even the one driving! LOL
Went to Gramma's Saturday night...and can just say that I won't be doing that anytime in the near future least not if she's got other kids staying with her. Chance almost drove me to the brink of insanity...and I truly wanted to strangle him...but once I caught my wits, I was ok. The drive was pretty frustrating because we did it without a back window, which was ok going out cause it was nice, but on the way back it rained. Not to mention the "I'm lonely" cries coming from Hunter's seat. Felt like it took forever to go there and come back.
Am planning on going to get a bunch more pictures printed out from wal-Mart...sheepers, took me all morning just to get them transferred from one disc (had about 2000 pix on it) to the hard drive, then back to another disc...doing them in discs of 100. All that time, and I'm just not blogging :oO
Am making a shopping list to get some stuff for the house, seeing as we haven't gone shopping for a while.
We bought an excer-saucer yesterday for hunter...and when we got back from Gramma's seen that mom had picked up the high chair from Ali, so we're runnin outta space fast. Gonna hafta make a trip to storage to switch some stuff out.
We're looking at rental units on the westside, and mebbe lookin into a mortgage. Oh boy, wouldn't that be nice.
Tidied up the house this a mad woman.
D started his Mini-Campers program at the local Y today (we completely forgot about it yesterday) awaiting the boys' arrival to hear how it went,and whether or not he'll be sticking with this program. Giving serious consideration to Daycar once or twice a week, just to make sure he's socializing, and has some structured events going on, with the proper supervision.
Am considering getting a job...I don't mind staying at home, but I need sanity relief, along with people who don't have children's IQ's. Though, that's probably asking for a whole lot. It would be nice to have a bit of a focus shift every now and then.
Am totally happy...managed to get my breast pump to work...for once. I'm a happy girl, that means I can leave Hunter with a sitter if I wanted to...not that that's gonna be a common occurence.
Am getting sick of my it done, and the lady cut the top shorter to add in layers and bangs and the like, and it doesn't wanna go into a pony tail nicely...blah on that!

Oh boy...D had fun today! I'm so happy...soundslike the girl from the first program got a bit of a chew...she's not impressed with us. Chance says that Tenessa wouldn't even look at him. good, serves her right...we paid to have our child properly cared for for 2 hours, and the only thing she could tell us was "I have 12 kids in my class, what would you like me to do?" Um...hello, you direct your attention where appropriately. I PAID for this calss, if it's not worth my money, you'll hear about it...and she did...from her boss. The T-Ball was kinda useless cause D's already got terrific hand-eye co-ordination. Nevermind that it wasn't feasable with our schedual. This week will be better...I hope.

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