Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Last Midwife Session

Had my last appointment with Kalia yesterday. How sad...another leg of my life is over, and it's always sad to say good-bye.
Hunter weighed in at 14 lbs 7oz, and is 23 1/4 in long. No wonder he's not fitting his newborn sized clothes anymore. They're generally sposed to fit those until they hit 3 mo btw.
D has been getting mail from his Ama for the last two weeks. Sure has been fun for him to look foreward to having the mailman come to the house each day.
I feel guilty that I haven't got him writing his name by now...we got a call from his Pre-School Teacher the other ay giving us the information for D's class. He gets bumped to a three day a week class where he'll also complete a workbook in class. Oh boy! How exciting.
We got a box from Ronnie yesterday, which was nice. Got some stuff for D (and I'm starting to remember the books from the collection we had down there, funny how it took this long), some clothes for Hunter, and a nice skirt and dress for me. :o)
It's gonna be real tough to get back into a normal school-type schedual. I guess it'll be best for both kids once it does happen though.
Visited Lori yesterday. Had a bunch of appointments yesterday morning (though I'm not sure how we managed to have such a cramped day) and she was nice enough to watch D whilst we went in to Kalia. So, in the evening she got to baby-sit her neighbours kids whilst they went out dinner. I volunteered to stay and help. Wow. That's about all I can say. 6 kids total, and Hunter was awake the whole time. Hol-a. I'm glad I had the wits about me enough to think fast cause the minute I thought of a fun game, they'd finish with the one I thought of before that. They sure kept me on my toes. Would've been nice if they could've just sat and watched a movie, but D needed to burn off energy, and I figured if he was gonna, they ought to as well. Was fun in any event.
Lori suggested we just go for our ECE certificate and get it over and done with. LOL
I tidied up a bit this morning...trying to keep it relatively organized, even though i have short spurts to do it in. Doesn't hurt to try. Guess I'll just have to learn to move quicker.
Todya is one of those days where D is gonna push every button, and act out as much as possible. I can only hope the hours go by as quickly as possible. Of course this always has to happen on a day where I'm tired. *sighs* I guess it's god's way of teaching me more patience.
Anyhow...instead of blogging more like I'd like, I guess I should go tend to.

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