Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Pediatricians and Cops

Forgot to blog about what else I got up to today, other than travel planning.
H had his pediatrcian appointment today, and it went well. Was actually kind of a relief to have him seen by what I consider a professional, and not just someone doing a general check-up. Would be nice if we could continue seeing this Dr., but oh well, at least we HAVE a doctor.
Hunter is 15 lbs, 5oz, his head circumfrence is now 16in, and he is...I can't member how long.
He's growing pretty well, strong healthy boy who's just as normal as the moon.
He's sleeping right now, and am definately considering completely weaning and switching to formula, but am curious to know how that would affect him, both emotionally and physically. Well, I guess cuirious isn't exactly the right wording, I feel guilty for thinking of taking away from my son what is completely natural...the major thing that bonds us together.
Anyhow, the pediatrician gave him a clean bill of health.

Also, I'm due in town on Thursday or Friday this week because I witnessed a "Hit and Run" in the Wal Mart parking lot last week.
I was feeding Hunter in the drivers seat, and D was eating his McDonalds in his seat behind me, and this chick comes and gets into her little white car parking in front of me. She goes to pull out, and cuts it to hard, and scrapes against the back quarter panel of the guys car parked to her right. She SEEN the car moving, and stopped about halfway out, and instead of pulling foreward, leaving a note, and leaving...she continued pulling all the way out. She KNEW I seen her cause she glanced at me after she hit it, then as she was pulling away. So, i wrote down her license plate number, and left a note with my contact info on it and put it on the car she hit.
I did manage to bump into the guy before we went in cause it took forever to feed H, and he said thank you. When I got home that evening, he called and said he made a report at the RCMP's, and that he would send me a "reward/thank you".
Now I've made a statement to ICBC who've called me, and am making one at the RCMP detatchment in Rutland this week. Whew, that was a lot of explaining.
Anyhow, that girl was a total moron, is all I can say.

Am pondering what to get Pokie for her one idea, but dunno if she's already got it.
Blah, September is always such a busy month.

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Anonymous said...

Deciding to discontinue nursing is a difficult decision, but I will tell you from experience, the bonding continues even with formula...he's already drinking your milk from a bottle at times. Believe me, you've given H a great head start in life. The difficulty may be in finding a formula he likes and can tolerate. Perhaps the pediatrician, midwife, or nurse can suggest a particular brand should you decide to switch (I'm sure there's other mommies who have switched to formula and shared the information with their children's caregivers.)