Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sleep?'s been a while since I've blogged.
I guess this week was survivable...mainly cause I'm still here.
Things are rather wighty on my shoulders right now, the thoughts of my future loom so closely I'm finding it hard to breathe, and I'm farily certain poor Chance feels the same way.
Got a new car today...a white Dodge Shadow. Cute little car that goes, kinda loud but in a soothing way. Gott go put insurance on it tommorow, and then I'm a free woman! Yay, no more running around by other people's scheduals.
Course my car had it's trade offs, and I'm rather sad to say what I traded this one in for.

Went to the beach today...had a nice family day. I got up at 8 this mornin (was up earlier but I like that morning time in bed talking with Hunter) and after strapping H to me, I got started on the finger foods of the day. Chopping veggies, and fruits, and making the sandwhich stuff (tuna...and no, I wasn't wearing a bracelet this time, and I used a fork I swear!), as well as starting everything put together (with mom's help of course). We got out the door at 11 or so once again. Chance complained that no matter how early we get up, that we never seem to be able to leave any earlier than 11. I told him if things got ready the night before, we wouldn't have that problem...PLUS if nobody bothered to shower before we left that'd help as well. What's the point in showering if yer just gonna go swimming in the lake, or get all sweaty in the usn anyways. I'd rather shower when I get home, which is what Kim did anyways...that makes it a two shower day for him :oO
Went to visit Lori whilst Chance borrowed her upstairs neighbour to go get my car for me. Was a nice short visit, am sad it couldn'tve gone on longer.
Well, we're settling in nicely with Hunter. Getting used to his cries, his mannerisms, and just enjoying watching him gorw (and he does from day to day). He's got a birthmark on his elbow like a kidney bean shape. He's long, and getting quite chubby. His last appointment with Kalia is on Tuesday, then I've gotta sign him up with Dr. Brower. Oh boy. I'm glad though, I've got his Care Card and his Birth Certificate already (i'm quite certain this was faster than I did with D). Now all I have to do is get movin on getting our passports. Hopefully it won't cost too much.
Hunter has pretty much grown out of all his newborn clothes, and am going to need to go shopping for new 3-6 months sizes already. I don't understand how why he keeps telling everyone I'm starving him. He's also into size 2 diapers.
We all ended up in our bed (lying the correct way) for once the other night and I swear it was like a pack of sardines. Must've been cute though.
Uncle Paul and his girls were in town, and we went to visit them where they were camping lastnight. Also got to visit with Ron and Devon, Rachel, Eric, and Roger, Cathy and their girls. Was kinda nice. They even fed us dinner, and I got to go for a dip with the girls afterwards. Hunter didn't like how chilled I was when I got out and fed him sfterwards though. :oP
Haven't really had tons of luck with anyone here giving H the bottle...Chance said he managed to get him to take it a few times when I wasn't here, but if I'm in the vicinity, forget it. :oP
I hate feeling like a cow.

I don't know what I would do withou tmy friends...this time around my blues are a lot stornger than they were with D. With D I felt them, but they came and went just like these...but when they hit me this time they're so strong it's almost overwhelming. Amazing what hormones can do to your body.

Wonder when I'll get a chance to clean my new car...maybe when I got to Lori's next?

Meet Joe black is on tv right now and my hunny keeps pestering me to go watch it with him. I just wanna finish blogging first...sometimes things like that take so much effort. Just being takes effort sometimes. Amazing how worn out it can make me...just being.
Thank god for sleep.
Haven't been feeling 100% lately, just feel like sleeping. maybe that post partum stuff is catching up with me. I have been a bundle of energy since Hunter's arrival.

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Anonymous said...

you hang in there! and rather than think of yourself as a "cow," think of yourself as the nurturer (and nurser) of mankind!