Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Travel Plans

So, the plan is that we're going to leave on the morning of the (Thurs) 7th from here, and stay the night in Golden with Uncle Ken (if we can), and carry on out of Golden on the morning of the (Fri.)8th to Edmonton. Once there we'll check into the Econo Lodge (along with pokie, mummie and kim), and stay there until the morning of the (Sun.)10th when we'll check out and drive to Little Fort through Valemount. We'll stay the night there, and drive the rest of the way home on the (Mon.)11th.
I budgeted, and it should cost us around 570 to do the whole shebang. Wow. That's without any side-trips, and souvineer shopping. :o) though I'm sure we can squeeze a little bit of that in as well.
So, hopefully all will be well on our trip, and we'll cross our fingers and hope the Hunter will be comfortable enough to just sleep while we're driving. I know I'll definately aim for nap time for driving times.

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Anonymous said...

I'll contribute $100 (maybe a little extra if I can swing it) and have it in the bank by the 5th. Hope you all have a great time!