Thursday, January 26, 2006

Work and Play

It's actually getting kind of fun to be able to poke the belly, and have it poke new entertainment for th evenings after I get home from work.
Yesterday almost passed out at work...came with the worst hot flash and bag of jitters I canremember since being stung in the ass last summer.
In any event...I'm lookin for another job that won't be so strenuous. I'm getting kinda tired of working in the over-heated environment at Sylvia's house.
This baby...I can tell now, it's gonna give D a run for his money when it gets big enough to start trucking around...
The baby sleeps when I sleep and it moves where I move. It also has a sense of humor. It's found my bladder, and doesn't seem to like it if it have even a quarter cup of liquid in it, and thinks it's funny to give it a boot to remind me it's there...sending me running to the bathroom.
It has a movement pattern...kick, hit, twirl...and the finale, let's bungee!
The bungee generally takes my breath away and stops me in my tracks if i happen to be moving.
Dangerous...this baby is gonna run us all exhausted...

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