Saturday, January 07, 2006

Out Of The Mouth of Darius

Too funny...
The other night my friend wanted me to take her to the store to buy a gift for one of her it wasn't a rush, I had mom come along after work, and we all headed out. After finishing with my friend and dropping her off back home, we stayed out to do more shopping. We were out for about 4 hours over-all...long time considering my energy level these days.
Our last stop was the grocery store, and the one before that was a thrift store inwhich Darius got aa big toy car.
When we were pulling out of the grocery store parking lot, I took it kinda fast...and I got heck from Dairus.
His car seat had beenmoved over to the passenger side to allow room for my friends' daughter, and consequently, when I turned the corner his toy car had hit the window because it was on his lap.
"Geeze mom, don't go so fast, I could have bumped my head and gotten boo-boos, or I could have broke my car! slow down!"

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:) a backseat driver in the making!

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