Saturday, January 14, 2006

Headaches and then some

Recieved the truck is being repossesed on the 19th. *sighs* Not a whole lot I can do, seeing as I'm paying the bills right now with the wages I'm making, I don't have 600 extra dollars just lying around to make my monthly payments on it. Tough thing this, but not much I can do about it...
Though, my beef is that Chance could have had a crud night job in the meantime...looking at my blog, he's had his work permit since November and he's just now had his first interview? Not to say that I'm blaming him for this mess, I'm just saying it wasn't a whole lot of extra help when I needed it.
Hopefully the next few months won't be as stressful as the last have been.
After going through this last year, and reflecting on it over the last couple of weeks, it's rather interesting how each choice I made brought me to this point. The truck last year that I bought, and then returned really set the mood for how the year was going to proceed. Yes, it had its ups...but it really seemed to have more downs than anything. Though from an unfortune related only to me, or bad decisions, is hard to say which would be the cause.
To list...The truck at Chrysler, the Mudbog nightmare, first the Camper being torn to shreds, and then our Lot not really being our lot and turning out to be another...Just for the majour incidents this year.
If you can tack on a price tag to each thing, it's rather hard to believe that I have any money at all.
Woe is me...
I'm in a slightly morbid mood today, only at the realization that I know that there is not one thing I can do to prevent my truck being repossesed. I just don't have the money, ability to make that money, or the possesions to pawn off to make the money that I need to. Sad to have to watch such a big part of my life exit.
Anyways...along with these thoughts and reflections, my stress level has also been on the high side. On the bright side of that, I've finally put on some weight. But on the downside, I've had nothing but headaches, literally. Tension headaches everyday, for all or at least the evening part. Sad, and I'm getting sick of eating acetamenophen, and using it in my daily supplement regime.
My appetite has come back from the nasuea that seemed to eat me alive through the first part of my pregnancy, and has been replaced with evening cravings of something cold, sweet, and crunchy.
My midwife informed me at our last visit that my placenta is growing on the back of my uterus. Could be dangerous, but I'll ask her in more detail at our next visit, seeing as I had mom do some research on it for me, and turned up less-than-promising results.
I've got a "baby book" kind of started...not to say that I've bought one, but the midwife recommended that I get a binder for my hand-outs that she was going to be giving me, and I've consequently started adding little things here and there...letters to Darius, the ultrasound picture, and little notes to myself that i thought the kids might like to read someday.
Lots to look foreward to this year...Darius will be turning 4, Chance will be 26, the baby, Rhonda's visit, the family reunion, the wedding where D plays a ringbearer and my first trip to Alberta, and then comes my birthday where it finally my turn to hit a quarter of a century, and thanksgiving and Christmas.
It's gonna be a busy year...

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Anonymous said...

So excited Darius is going to be the ringbearer :) Sorry we haven't called to ask officially lol. But it just warms my heart he is going to be so cute. I'll update you on little tux's and stuff see what info we find and then ill get his measurements from you so we can rent it :) I'm so excited.

Anonymous said...

things don't always work out how we hoped. some people say that circumstances happen for a reason, though it's beyond me why so much gets heaped on the shoulders of the thing to think about is a united front lessens the impact. the right opportunities will come for you and chance. just be supportive of one another and the difficult times will be lessened. sounds like you all have a busy year ahead. BTW, the picture you posted of yourself is absolutely beautiful!