Saturday, January 28, 2006

Sesame Street Anyone?

Was funny...Chance was reading the news online today, and whilst I'm cleaning the kitchen...he comes wandering to tell me a bit of the tragedies he's been reading.
He starts to tell me this story about some place in Europe that was having a convention, and the roof collapsed in on them because it had over 7 feet of snow on it.
After giving me the details of how many people were trapped and so on, he mentions it happened to be a Carrier Pidgeon convention...and not only that, but he says "It's something Bert would've liked"
I looked at him...and asked who?
he says " know, from Bert and Ernie?"
My husband, without even thinking of it, made a reference to Sesame Street...and not only that, he went on to say..."You know, he likes pidgeons and he has that paper clip collection."
Too classic.

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