Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Big Hump Is Over...

Everything is all downhill from here...or so we hope.
We took the truck back today, after an eventful night of both me phoneing Ford Credit and talking to some young schmuck who had horrible customer service skills that brought me to tears, and a Repo man coming to the door whilst Chance was out with the vehicle.
Gosh...what a busy life I lead.
After arriving at Orchard Ford (Chance went on ahead of me as I needed to grab a few things along with D) I searched for Chance, and then after finally finding him, was informed that we were to wait because he asked about credit again, and apparently he had hope in a situation when there was none to be found. So, a half hour later, we were informed that there was no such luck, and that my credit would now be in the black for the next 5 years. Oh boy.
Apparently, because the last time I was in there, and lost my temper with the very short, rude and pushy financing guy, I made an impression and he was fearful of me losing my temper again and was attaempting to rush all the info through so it could be done b4 I got there and the bad news out. Ha to him...
I merely said, I didn't expect it to, but thanks anyways. I'm aware of all the consequeses of this action as well, yes.
Now, my poor husband is arguing back and forth withFord Credit on the phone over the phone call I made lastnight, and what they said at the Dealership this morning. I'd be just as happy to let my day go on without any more events...but I know it just won't be so.
Life goes on now...even if I don't have a vehicle. The bus comes about every half hour by our, at least we still have access to the world. And there's always mom's car.
Guess we'll hafta work out a new schedual for how we're going to work things.
My tummy is grumbling...

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