Monday, October 03, 2005

Tentative Plans

Ok, so, I've figured my bus ticket will cost me 80 if I buy it today, which I will.
Gramma's, if we did from LF...her return ticket would be 80, so says the website, if we bought it today...*sighs* if I could deposit the money into her account, she could get it. Any contributors?
The question remains, would it be better for me to buy her a return ticket, cause I know she'd like to go to the coast, but that means long driving for mom and kim, unless they just drove her back here, and let her hop it from here...*sighs* So much figuring. And poor Chance, would be left here.
Contemplating letting the Uncle's babysitting, cause mom is discussing taking him with her to the coast, which would be nice for him cause then he could visit his favorite people's.
Will be phoning Gramma to see what she wants to do. But the bus ticket is the only option cause there isn't enough time for anyone to do the driving...Ok, so phoned, am depositing 80 tommorow so she can buy her ticket for Thursday...she'll be staying until Tuesday.
Now that that is cleared up, just gotta figure what I'm gonna do down at the coast.
One load off.

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