Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween Has Arrived

A little disappointing...Chance overheard some kids when they were coming to the door saying..."This is the scary house!" "oh, I guess it must be next door." :o(
I swear, that almost made me cry...the house is usually so done up, some kids don't even want to come up to the door cause it's too scary, I'm afraid this year falls so short it's rather pathetic.
Darius is a White Knight this year, and I'm a Black that department, st least, did not fall short.
I'm also sad to say that the amount of trick-or-treaters is rather small so far compared to other years as well. Oh well, guess everyone is either growing up, or going else-where.
Chance and D went out trick-or-treating, and I haven't seen them in over an D is gonna have a big haul this year.
Our neighbour, Duncan, from down the street came by to see if Darius was gonna come to his house or not, and I had to tell him I hadn't seen them in a while so I'm assuming that they are making a big loop.
Chance has always been about Quantity over quality...lucky kid.

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Anonymous said...

yeah, but the costumes are REALLY cool! don't be so hard on yourself...lots going on and that you managed to decorate AND make costumes is outstanding!