Thursday, October 13, 2005 Myself

A smaall taste of life by myself...and god is it lonely.
I missed Darius lastnight...saying goodnight, and the whole tirual. It feels strange to be on a small vacation without my family.
Listening to Jann Arden right now, and am really impressed with the depth of her lyrics, on her new album anywho.
Was a long bus ride here, I had forgotten all the stops that it makes, but it's a familiar comfort to know that the stops are all the for one, one the way here. I enjoyed a nice nap between Merrit and Chilliwack. Watched the bus driver give some guy hell for smoking in the bathroom...and he booted him off the bus in Merrit, threatening to phone the cops.
I like Pokie's keyboard...nice and quiet. The two moitors she has hooked up to her comp kinda throw me off, but it's a rather interesting concept.
We had dinner at McDonalds lastnight at the bus station, before headed Surry-bound. Took us about an hour and a half to get back...was 11:15 by the time we finally walked in the door.
We went out for Breakfast this morning at the Pantry...I really miss the connection that family can bring me...only because I seclude myself so. I know I can always expect an honest answer out of everyone, should I ever ask for it.
Went to the Pantry, then Timmy's, then came back to phone Chance to see how D's first school field trip went to the Fruit and veggie market across the street from his school. Then we went back to the Mall so we could look for a shirt for Pokie to wear to Shannon's wedding. Found two in Old Navy that look really good, and create two different looks for her. Then we went in search of a cell phone for her, which took about an hour in the store we stopped at...stupid chick who was helping her, couldn't figure out the computer commads and kept messing it up and having to start all over. N/m the fact that she took a personal call while waiting on us. Customer Service just isn't what it should be these days.
Slept in till Chance phoned me at 20 after 8.
The cats seem to like least they're not running away like they do when D's here.
Kinda excited to meet Pokie's friend Helen, who's going to the concert with us, and is driving.
Candice showed me her photo book, and am really impressed. Wish I could be so Talented.
Told Pokie about my idea of trying out for Canadian Idol this year...chuckles and giggles all the way round.

3 thoughtful remarks:

Anonymous said...

chuckles and giggles? you sing great!

Helenboo said...

Didn't realize you saw my photobook! Cool beans. :) Took me a while to figure out who "Pokie" was. :P

Amber said...

I've called her Pokie for a long time now, so long that now I can't member why I started calling her that in the first place.