Sunday, October 23, 2005

Camper is Gone

Chance went to take his friends' camper, and put it on our lot for storage yesterday. When he arrived, he was surprised to find that our camper was gone. Period.
Someone had taken an axe and a sledge hammer to our camper, and had knocked it down to nothing. Apprently, they claim that our lot belongs to them, or their Uncle(whom happens to live in Saskatchewan, and I'm also assuming can't make it here to show proof of ownership), and that our lot was sold through a realtor to them. Like...yeah, right.
I'm sure they would have notified us by either the Realtors we dealt with, OR our Lawyers.
So...I no longer own a camper.
Here's for the long over-all bad year, I swear I hope it just gets itself over and done with, so I can start fresh again.

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