Sunday, September 25, 2005

Well, La Dee Dah

Here we are again.
We spent 4 days in Little Fort, I amanaged to squeek another day off from Sylvia to drive gramma to a doctor appointment in Kamloops our last day there. Was fun, but only managed to get a single buck. Not a very big one either. *sighs*
I've gained weight...eep! Goddamned good, yet so evil.
Darius is getting more precious everyday.
The other day he said he couldn't do something because he had a broken heart. I also caught him counting backwards from 5 to 1. I'm wondering where he learned those.
Visited with Mary and Devon lastnight, played a game of Monopoly and Sorry...I won Monopoly for once, amazingly.
Am now getting ready to cook myself and D some breakfast...then we're off to Mission Creek Park for River Day, to celebrate the spawning of the Kokanee. It's absolutely beautiful here today, I'll be glad to spend the day out.

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Anonymous said...

If pictures you emailed me are any indication, he certainly is getting more handsome too! What a cutie...