Saturday, September 17, 2005

Old Friends and New Tricks

Well, it's another weekend. This year is just flying by, each day I wake up, I have trouble comprehending that it's a new day again. Days go by faster than a wonder I can hardly remember what's happening and what's new with my life.
Bumped into an old friend the other night, and they knew I was married and had a child. Made me wonder, but when I asked who they had talked to, they wouldn't tell me. Interesting concept...have I really seen so many old classmates, that they've seen fit to spread the word about me?
Today I'm going to help gramma can plums, and in turn, learn how to can...
I'm finding more and more, especially with how fast everything is moving, I'm starting to worry that Gramma won't be there for me to learn from forever. You know that feeling? The feeling of time going by too fast, and you know you don't have much left?
Morbid, I know, but it gives me a special appreciation that I didn't have before. I listen, I comprehend, I absorb.
Time is a funny thing.

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Anonymous said...

Humans are the only creatures who develop an understanding that they're going to die one day. And we continue to wake each morning after gaining that knowledge...maybe a little more humbled, a little scared, and wishing for more time to learn from others. Ama