Saturday, September 17, 2005

Lose It All

Some day it'll be as beautiful as I wish it could be...some day it'll be a nightmare.
Imagine my life without anything. Without family, without communication, without love.
What is a person without love? Love of life, love of the things that they see before them? Would they look for the beauty in the water, or the trees, or the smells of the turning of the seasons?
Or would they just rot, like the fallen leaves of a tree...making way for those who do love.
Poetic Justice? Those who take everything for granted, paving the way for the grateful.
Funny how little things make you think big thoughts.
Salt...there's a story.
I thought of salt one day...where does it come from, how do they make it?
Years ago, they only used salt from the sea, cause that's the only place they could get it from. Could you imagine if everyone in the world now, only used sea salt? Would the dead sea have dried up by now?
Dead Sea salt...laughable concept, but ok.
Eating dead things...does this make us morbid?
Sad that that is how our life can prosper, to only be able to go on with life at the expense of something else's life. Sacrafice...
Would you sacrafice for me?
I think the peas and carrots are laughing at me now...

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