Saturday, September 10, 2005

The First Dreary Day

It's cold...and wet, and yucky.
Today is the day of our block party, and it's just plain yucky out. I'm hungry, but it's not supposed to start until other members of our block get home from, say, 6:30.
Paul is here with Dino, Harry and one of his friends visited.
I spent my morning getting my platters ready, and am now fearing that i may have gotten too many ready. I always did over-prepare. ;o)
I'm still spinning from the BSB concert, and their cd has yet to leave my truck player. Am trying to enjoy my job, and my week away from mom and Kim at home.
I keep hoping that I'll be headed to Van next month by myself, but I won't hold my breath...*sighs* I would give anything for a weekend where I can sleep as much as I want.
My bones ache...and it seems as though no pain-killer will help.

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