Saturday, February 26, 2005

Sickly Days are here again

Yup...the cold has made it's way around the family. First Kim, then Darius, then me and now Chance and mom.
Well, I can say that I'm getting over mine quick because I've been pounding back Eccenasia(sp?) and Garlic. So, i've only managed to stick with a mild long-lasting fever. Darius has had a terrible runny nose since tuesday eve.
I will seriously beat something soon.
I am now a "dictator" according to Chance. He said I'm a dictator.
I got my hair permed lastnight. Mary came over and did it. I don't think that I left it in long enough, cause it's not as curly as I was hoping, but whatever. What's done is done.
Not a comment from Chance when he came in after my hair was done. Thanks for that.
Chance's friend Dan cam over today. He has three friends by that name now...
Darius had his friend from accross the street over today for a good 2 hours. Adriana is very pleasant, and calm, and nice. They played well together.
Relationships really blow.

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Anonymous said...

sometimes, men aren't the most observant creatures in the world...but at least he didn't say "you let someone do that to you?" Yeah, I heard that one before along with "you paid for that?" (sorry to post anon. but for some reason, I can't get my blogger account to log me in...i'll just do a new one...Ama