Monday, February 21, 2005

One Day...and bloody soon...

Today was a Monday in all regards. So far...
So, I've gotten all of my T4's, but because of Chance and I being married, I have to go in to a tax preparer and have them do it for me. More money from my wallet that I just don't have.
I'm so frustrated with all that crap. Before, it was them deducting 700 some odd dollars from last year's return, now they're not going to send it back to me, as I was originally told once I finally figured out what was going on. Now, they're telling me I owe them 200 dollars. Just fucking give me a goddamned break here people. I mean, they must enjoy being fucknuts.
I went to get ready for work this morning, and Chance comes out of bed to tell me that I need to put gas in the truck, and that there isn't even enough to get me into work. *sighs*
So, i leave the house with only one bank card, assuming I wouldn't have a need for both. Get to the gas station to find out it's been demagnetized by my new purse. Call Chance to bring me the other one (I'm already late by this time), and then he calls me back saying the other truck's gas lines froze because I try not to keep gas in it (it has winter stud tires on it, and they're startig to chip because they're not being used on snow, so I decided to cut gas off from it and only keep small amounts in it to discourage driving). I tell him to take mom's car, and he finally makes it there about 20 minutes later with bank card in hand, and D in the backseat all strapped in.
I got to work at 7:30 (as opposed to 7). *sighs*
At least the gas station people took pity on me and gave me a free cup of coffee.
So, after D wakes up, I'm going to go replace my bank card, and get my taxes filed.
I'm just full of those things today.

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Nietha said...

when it rains, it pours, huh. :(