Friday, February 11, 2005


Yeah...ok, so yesterday I blew my top. I'm feeling a little better today, had less coffee.
I figure, it just takes a little more planning. *sighs* Am fighting off the sneaking suspision that I'm never going to get out of debt.
Darius said his phone number the other night. We've been trying to teach him for the last week and a half or so, and when I was putting him to bed, I asked him what it was, and though he couldn't say zero, he still came out with it. I'm I get to teach him what the numbers look like, and also 911.
God...I've been on such a losing streak in Scrabble, I'm wondering what's going on with it.
Am beginning to come around to the bright side of things with working for Sylvia. Again.
Funny the phases you can go through just with everyday life.
I was entertained lastnight, when mom was cooking dinner, she asked me to mash the potatoes, and I had to let D entertain himself. It was rather cute because I put on a children's show, that had people doing different silly dances, and making motions and such. I asked D if he could do it too, and boy, did he ever do a good job keeping up. Was rather cute watching him try to walk like a crab, and crawl like a puppy, and such.
Darius asked his daddy where he was going, Daddy replied "crazy, would you like to come" Darius says "ya" then proceeds to walk tot he entryway and sit to wait for someone to help him put his shoes and coat on. Daddy asks what he's doing, and he says "I'm going crazy with daddy."
I love having a 2 year old.

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