Thursday, February 10, 2005

unreliable Fucknuts

Yup, that's the government for ya.
I got a letter in the mail today from Government of Canada stating that I have an outstanding balance with Medical Services Plan, and that they could be with holding my 2004 tax refund.
Like, WTF...I thought I just sorted all this bullshit out with you people.
So, 6 phone calls later to 6 different agencies, and I have my answer. I owe for Sept. to Dec. of 2003. In order to be pardoned for that, I have to file for my 2002 tax refund or pay $199.58.
Until I do either of these two things, I don't get to file for my 04 tax refund. so totally fucking with my budget I can't even begin to describe how fucking infuriated I am at the stupid fucknut blowjobs who put me into this situation.
People responsible? Me...I'm so unbelievably fucking moronic for assuming that any plans I made for any of my fucking income would be able to fit into anything in my fucking life.
We looked into maybe getting a smaller storage unit today, and because I don't have a credit card to charge it on, they want the first three months in advance, which would be somewhere around 350 dollars. It's saving us 60 dollars a month, but am I supposed to come up with that money right away when I've just bought a new truck that's costing me the same as renting my own place??
I must've been the stupidest fucking person in the entire universe when I signed that fucking loan paper for the truck., not only am I just thinking about another job, I'm going to have to get another job just to make up for the fucknuts bullshit.
If I could scream for hours on end, I would...

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