Friday, March 04, 2005

Why me?

Let's not get into everything in the last two/three days. How about we just kinda skim it?
Darius has 8 cavities, and needs to be put under. Let's not touch the subject oof cost (which we could qualify for a government program that he could have most costs covered under).
I'm trying to return my truck...who knows if they'll go for it, because they've already tried intimidating me.
I'm finally through this long ass week. I don't know how regular people do five days in a row. LOL
Update: mom can't say Khaki
Took a bunch of super cute pictures of Darius riding his tricycle. God, i swear, I'll never see anything so cute as him figuring out the pedals. Or his little legs pumping hard and him just enjoying the view.

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Anonymous said...

Things will come together for Darius' dental stuff. Don't be hard on yourself...move forward and learn from your experiences. Even in this late life, I learn something new at least once a week. I get upset because I feel I take a step forward and slide 5 steps day, it will all come together. Deal with one thing at a time and it won't seem so bad...I know, I'm doing that now. Ama