Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Red Dwarf

Ok, I've finished Prison Break, and was disappointed by the end, but oh well.
I've moved on to Red Dwarf, and am SO happy that there's something that I love available. I usually only watch it when PBS shows it on one of those money raising things.
Smeg...just thinking of Smeg makes me giggle.
I've been spending time at the beach, and am getting a crazy tan. I can't remember the last time I actually had a tan.
I'm going up to Clearwater on Thursday, to help Mr & family move down to the Okanagan. It`s crazy complicated how it all worked out, but I`m hoping for a smooth transition for them.
Ive given up the A&D person, as I said I didn`t care for his level of professionalism.
Still attaempting to set up follow up appointments with other agencies...still getting a clsed door.
Am thinking I need to apply for a passport soon...
Forgot how sunny & hot it gets in Kelowna....

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