Monday, August 09, 2010

Hiking & Time

What a weekend!
Since the kids left, I was picturing my time away from them being filled with loads of restful sleep. Though it's true that I've been to bed earlier than usual each night, the fact remains that our days are just as crammed as when they're here.
Time filled with hiking, driving, and exploring the local area.
This weekend we headed about an hour (or two) north-east to Blue River, and their hills. They're farther up the valley towards Jasper, and consequently, their hills are steeper than ours are. We found one we thought looked promising to get to the top of, and headed off the beaten path. While the drive was pleasant, we did not make it to the top, as the road petered out closer to the top, and became impassable. We headed back to our valley and visited some friends who are as enthusiastic about horror films as I am.
Hiked to Moul Falls yesterday, and got soaked from the spray when I walked behind the falls to check it out. This hike went well, as there were a number of other hikers on the trail so we counted on the high population to drive the bears away.
Spent lastnight at my Gramma's, and woke up all full of motivation, so I cleaned a bit before we left.
It's been a very enlightening time alone with Mr. It's funny how much we depend on our children to shield us from the problems that are there, as they "always" come first. A very important lesson has come to light in our time alone, and that is to always show that we appreciate one another. Sometimes all we need it time...sometimes all we need is time alone.

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Anonymous said...
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Osbasso said...

Glad you're making use of the alone time. Funny how kids become a buffer at times, and you don't even realize it!

Sorry I missed you the other night. Had the phone turned off... :-(