Thursday, May 06, 2010


Well, after a terrifically stressed out weekend, I'm and finally at the hump day of this week.

I spent a number of hours this weekend beating myself up (as I tend to do) over something that had happened with a client at work. While I've been thinking it over and over, I've finally come to the conclusion (just like everyone else) that I was just doing my job, and though my part may not have been that pretty, it happened, and nothing will change it. The only thing I can do is move forward and make sure my clients know why I'm there, and what our job is together. I'll get there eventually. I just really am wishing right now that I had more training, but lord only knows when that's going to happen.
SO I've been working on my budget, as we're currently operating on just my income (without even a Child Tax Benefit, which would be oh so helpful right now), and it's been a challenge. Of course we're making do. I decided to ask for two days at our licensed daycare at our office, to utilize my ECE assistant certification. I was shocked when I found that after doing the math, those two extra days a week would bring me in about an extra $700 per month! That makes me feel wonderful...I'm finally getting paid a very close proximity of what I deserve. Nothing like Validation...moving on.
I've been working steadily on completing all of the paperwork I've been putting off for so many months. I've finally submitted D's Immigration documentation to get him registered for the Medical Services Plan of BC, and have completed filing all of my taxes, including the ones from the back two years that they required of me. I've made copies of Mr's that I have on hand to submit, but still need to order a copy from the IRS, but once it's submitted, then I should be able to collect fully my Child Tax Benefit. If I can do that I should be able to knock down my hours if I want...provided Mr gets into his own line of work.
We've attended a number of committee and council meetings here in town, at a great amount of suffering to us all, and are currently in discussion of which ones we'd like most to invest our time in. There are a number of needs we've seen in the community that just aren't being met, either because of lack of vision and ability, or just because there's a lack of support to the programs that are already out there.
The plans are in the works for us to pilot a couple of programs, as they are foremost in our minds as lacking. It should make for a terrific learning experience.
I am currently looking into what it will take to finish off my ECE education, and am sincerely hoping that there will be a college that can provide it online, as it's just too far to drive to Kamloops (1hr south) to do any classes of any sort at the point in time.
We are also considering moving directly into town, as more strategic family development, as opposed to buying a second family vehicle. Should be fun, though, this of course means that I will not be able to plant myself a garden. *sigh* Planters, here I come...let's hope I can grow more than I did last time.
H woke up early this am with a horrendous bleeding nose that totally freaked me out. He stayed home w/Mr today to rest up.
D has finally gotten a batting helmet, thanks to my mom who brought it up with her this past weekend. There was a warning of a case of head lice in his school recently, which was why we haven't been letting him borrow anyone else's to have a turn at bat. He's doing fantastically in softball, and it a true athlete at heart. He has an amazing amount of accuracy for a boy his age, and his physical strength alone is what makes him a true asset to any team.
We're looking into enrolling him in the soccer program. I am really impressed at just how affordable all of the programs for him are, in comparison to Kelowna. The softball fee was $35, and the soccer fee is $35 but it covers both summer & fall seasons.
We have internet at home now, though it be as slow as molasses going uphill in January, at least it works, and I can now blog from home if I choose.
I miss the blog world, and had a good laugh reading some of my favs lastnight. Just what I needed.
Anyhow, I need to hop off and finish my day of work.

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