Monday, May 10, 2010

Testosterone Overload

Have you ever felt like you were being overwhelmed by testosterone?
I've been feeling this keenly over the past month, and even though I had a visit from relatives, I'm still in desperate need of a girls night.
We'll be eating a meal at the table and out of the blue the testosterone pops up and the next bite they're all up doing some form of push up, one handed or two, and then that carry's on to handstands, handstands against a wall, and then onto yoga or muscle bouncing.
Yes. I said muscle bouncing. The other night we were getting ready for bed, when D & Mr got into a conversation about Mr's amazing manly ability to bounce his pecs. Mr has a talent I've not seen in many other men (maybe because I ought not be looking at other men who can do this). He has the ability to bounce a number of his muscles without moving his body. He's really just got great muscular control, I guess. That being said it has truly amazed and impressed D.
D happened to be getting changed when a conversation out of earshot took place that left D wondering. Mr came in to brush his teeth and not long after a topless D came in to stand in front of my dresser mirror. I silently watched him as I could tell he was pondering something, and I didn't want to interrupt his process. Before I knew it he stopped right in front of my mirror and held his hands together and tried in vain to bounce his own pecs. I nearly fell off my bed I was laughing so hard. D is a very wiry boy who is full of strength, but no big muscles to speak of. I mean, he's 8.
I love my boys, truly, I do. It makes it difficult to be the only woman in the house when I've not had the freedom of decoration, or even the ability to be "girlie" without being questioned about it. I don't even have a comfortable place to shave for heavens sake. I have a teenie weenie shower stall that one could possibly knock themselves out in should they drop the bar of soap and bend to pick it up. I shaved my legs once in there, and it had some terrible results...
I've yet to get up the gumption to find someplace else to do this activity, so I'm walkin round like a wooly mammoth in the warmer months and wearing nothing shorter than capris. Even that I consider a sin. At least I'm not wearing crocs or socks & sandals like I've seen tho.
I cut my hair. Or should I say I had Mr cut my hair? I've been claiming that I would mail in the 10 inches they require over @ Locks of Love when it got long enough. I cut off the 10 inches and still have hair below the shoulders...I think it was getting a tad too long to manage, so it was time. Unfortunately, I didn't give Mr clear step by step directions on how to cut my hair, and I've been doing my best to hide it with styling or keeping it up. He did his best though, and at least he manged the 10 inches. I'll get round to a real hairdresser eventually, just not any time soon.
I've taken to employing the lock on my bedroom door to get some peace and quiet, and time to myself so that I can read, think, or just relax. Despite the fact that there is no insulation between floors or walls, and knowing everything else that's going on while I do this, it' still works. I find that amazing.
Hopefully as the weather warms I'll be able to build myself something of a sanctuary outside on my back deck or something.
I'll hope, I guess.

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Osbasso said...

My dad had the opposite problem once I left for college. A house overrun by the women. A wife and three daughters. And their friends. Even the dog used to be female...

Dad generally stayed upstairs, and out of the way. And always had a smile on his face when I came home for a weekend!

Hope you find your sanctuary!