Saturday, May 08, 2010

To Gramma's We Will Go

At my gramma's visiting this weekend.
I love coming here...I hink I alays have. It gives one reason to relax in the healthy way. Mr headed up the hill with relatives so he could go and do some manual labour with the guys, and work some energy off.
I'll be getting the kids into the bathtub (yay! How we miss baths) and then out to work in the garden and organizing that seems never ending.
We had a bonfire lastnight with hot dogs & marshmallows before the boys passed out from exhaustion.
Am working on updating Gramma's computer and finishing my morning coffee to get motivated. Got lots to do, lots to do, and today feels like a day that will take forever, giving me ample time to get the things done that I want. Later this evening we'll be heading to the local Hall accross the street to go to a family dance. Hopefully it won't be as disasterous as the last.
Here's to relaxing...

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