Thursday, April 08, 2010


I've been having some sleepless nights. H caught some sort of GI thing or a stomach flu, and has been miserable since Sunday eve. I didn't come in Monday as I took it as a holiday, then had to call off Tuesday because I was so dag blasted tired from being up every hour or so with H through the night. Lastnight he was feeling perky by the time I got home from work, but by the time bedtime hit he was so cranky it was nearly unbearable. I seriously just. want. sleep.

Caffeine is now my vice to make it through the day.
Mr woke me up this morning to tell me that the Marten that's been around our house had been caught in the live trap we had set out for...I don't know what other animals, but certainly not it. Couldn'tve been in there too long because I had been listening to it scamper around all night, but boy oh boy it sure was mad! By the time I rolled out of bed to go and have a peek Mr was busy gathering tools to open the trap & set it free. The poor little guy was hissing and growling up a storm because it didn't like us so close, or being caged up. With a little bit of encouragement, and some common sense caution instruction, Mr managed to let the poor thing out. It scampered away to shake it off, then came back for the dead squirrel he had originally been looking for. Eventually, he was trying to get back into our attic from our porch like he usually does, but since it was snowing, he had a rather difficult time and kept slipping back down. He kept taking rest periods though where he would gnaw on the squirrel right in front of the window. Was interesting to watch. That being said, I was kind of worried about having to get D to the truck with me to drive into town to start our day, as I was unsure of how mad he was, or whether he would attack at the first presented opportunity. Mr walked us out and got us on our way without incident.
There was a white out on the way into town, and some parts of the road were completely covered with snow. If it hadn't been for the vehicle ahead of me, I may not have been able to see the road at all. Should be an interesting drive home.
Other than being ridiculously tired, I am also suffering from outside communication withdrawal. Maybe it's because we had a weekend of visitors, but I'm really missing the ability to mindlessly flip through the channels and complain about nothing interesting being on.
Hopefully I'm just suffering from a serious case of hormones, and I can find something to tide me over until it passes, because I am really against signing up for any contract to get satellite TV at our home.
Cross your fingers and hope Mr can get a job soon, because we just can't afford another month without. I really don't want to have to drain relatives again.

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