Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter & Pictures!

We are having a simply wonderful weekend. We started out with my MIL popping over on Friday afternoon. The kids went all hairy canary, as she was our first overnight visitor since my cousin & her friend joined us that first weekend up at the house. It wasn't too bad. Had leftovers for dinner, as I hadn't really thought about what to have for dinner.

Saturday we headed into town at the crack of dawn (also known as our usual departure time), and made it into Kamloops by 10am. We met at Denny's for breakfast...12 of us all together. My cousin & her friend, as well as her mother, my mom & stepdad, my Uncle, MIL, the kids, and Mr, and then my good friend & his g/f joined us. After breakfast, we headed to the arcade that D had wanted to go to. Us ladyfolk dropped off the guys, and then hit the grocery stores. It's amazing how much we, as a four person family, consume. Food, toiletries, snacks, items to get us through the the added punch of bear spray & pellets for our pellet gun.

I had phoned my mom in the middle of the week because I had remembered that the kids would want to do an Egg hunt over the weekend. Of course, my kids & nearly every single child in the world (or so it seems) would be wanted to do one as, she bought the only plastic eggs available at the store. A box of 250 plastic eggs. When she arrived in Kamloops, she hit the Dollar Store with my Uncle, and then went to my cousin's house where they managed to stuff 136 of them before giving up for the night.

After we finished up in town, we headed for Gramma's, who made us a most scrumptous layout of home made chinese food. When we finally arrived home, we hung around, getting everyone comfortable with the lay of the place before heading to bed. When we woke up, I started on breakfast, while Mr hid all of the eggs outside. By the time it warmed up enough (did I mentioned it snowed up at our place lastnight?) to go outside with the kids, it also happened to warm up enough for the Martin/weasel to come out and start theiving the eggs Mr had placed outside.

The kids had overflowing buckets by the time we finished, but they had a fabulous time. We bummed around the house all afternoon until MIL & my Uncle's departure. Then we played with the kids a bit, and took our own seperate ways. The guys & H one way, mom, D & I to Gramma's. Uploading a few pictures for now. Tuesday I'll upload more from work, as their internet is faster.

Looking forward to one more night with my family, and then back tot he grind and day after day as usual. It's interesting to show them our lifestyle, as it involves so much nothingness, and togetherness, you can feel the akward vibes radiating because we don't employ conventional Sattelite or Cable tv, or even have our internet working yet. The anticipation of "What should we do now" is in the air, all around...Trying to adjust to the relaxing lifestyle we chose when we moved up here with those folks who we involved in our hustle & bustle back in town is a bit difficult, but we're managing...besides, it's only a weekend.

There was plenty we forgot to get while we were in town, but next time we'll be heading to Kelowna, instead of having them come up to our place. We'll get it then, I suppose.

Life is good...I hope your Easter was as great as ours was!

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Anonymous said...

hey girl it looks and sounds like everything is going god. That is excellent!

Happy Easter.

LarryG said...

thanks for sharing your easter fun!

We had a great time here in Alabama.

only a movie said...

Glad to read your Easter went well. Love the photos.