Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Busy...and so Visual!

I've been having an interesting week or so since my last post. Busy as all get out.

Living in the backwoods makes for extremely long days in town when we have other things on our agendas.
Tuesdays and Thursday we do Softball w/D, and now Mondays we stay in to do Cub Scouts w/D. All of H's activities take place while I'm working btw, and that means, with one vehicle, and me needing it for work, that I have to schedule my home visits around their schedule, to allow them the easiest possible day without the least amount of wandering as I can.
Sometimes this really gets on my nerves, sometimes I can just deal with it, and consider myself grateful that we have a working vehicle.
Busy Busy...feel like my feet barely touch the ground and then I just keep running.
I love my job...and I'm hoping Mr can find something soon.
We've now got a collection of photos from home of different animals that have visited our home. A black bear, a Marten, various birds and squirrels, as well as a fox. All makes life so much fun.
I wish I could blog more, maybe next time...

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Anonymous said...

Well you look great and it sounds like everyone is doing wonderfully!