Monday, April 12, 2010

It's Over.

Well, I'm breathing a sigh of relief, and chuckling about the whole matter. D visited the dentist, ans was told to "Get wiggling!"
The problem we thought we had, is actually being caused by two of his crowned teeth not falling out, and blocking the adult teeth beneath them. He is under strict instruction to start wiggling them until they fall out. Exactly the opposite of what we've instructed him to do, time and time again.
I'm happy to say that's it's been a very enjoyable visit. We did some shopping, visited friends, and had family over for a time. Today we bought a mattress...I'm so happy about that, I'm unsure how to say it exactly. Because of immigration laws, we were unable to bring up any of the mattresses for our bed (thankfully the kids already had good ones that we bought here in BC). In order to bring our bed set up though, Immigration required us to fumigate them and bring proof of this to the border when we crossed with it. Of course, by the time we found out about this, we had neither the funds, nor the time to do this. So...we left it in Washington w/MIL. There was a boxspring at the new house (as it used to be a B&B) and I just covered it with every blanket/comforter, and foam pad we owned to sleep on. While it's done the job for the past month, I'm ready to have a real bed.
Will be leaving this evening after dinner, which won't be too long from now...and hopefully the kids will sleep through. I'll probably be tired for work tomorrow, but I know I'll be able to catch up on sleep the rest of the week, as I'm finally finished my courses. The only thing left to do is an evaluation, and wrap-up discussions.
I keep looking in the mirror to see if I look different (other than the 10lbs I've managed to lose in the past month) because I can now consider myself educated, and tick off that box marked "Post Education"/"More than high school".
Yes, life is good...
It's going to be a busy week. D starts baseball tomorrow after school, and I have a meeting with the local MCFD (Ministry of Child & Family Development) ppl, then back to the usual. Next week I start in the Daycare, and after I get my license, I'll be moving on to two days per week. Hoping something of use opens up for Mr soon. Our first step once he gets working, is to get a second fuel-efficient vehicle. Being a one vehicle family is no longer an option, now that we live so far out. Here's to those brighter days.
The warmer weather is coming...and I'm hoping I won't see any more freak days like the one I seen on the way to work this past week....
I think all that time I spent in the depths of self pity have finally worked their way to a nice, bright shiny outlook. While we still stress about money, I'm not so concerned with the little things anymore, and that's huge. Maybe the long time coming has finally arrived.
I've got a job that I love, and the people that I work with are terrifically supportive. I work in an enjoyable atmosphere where i am well respected, and looked on as a positive addition to the community. I live in a beautiful home, where I feel comfortable (aside from the spiders coming out of the woodwork), and my family is back on it's way to functioning normally.
I'm working on enjoying the normalcy, instead of waiting for impending doom. That ability to relax and enjoy the smell of the fresh pine air, and the many bird songs floating in the windows...that's something I've waited years to do.
Maybe my turn for waiting in line is over.

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Anonymous said...

Well good sounds like every thing is going good! You look great and happy so that is a good thing!

Osbasso said...

Hooray for you!

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