Monday, February 08, 2010

Myrtle & George

Have I ever told you the back story on Myrtle & George? I tried looking through my archives, but as I don't have any idea when I would've mentioned it, I can't be sure where to find it...and I just don't have that kinda time.
ANYways. When I was working as a home care aide for a lady in Kelowna, I used to comment on how loud the birds were in their yard, they always seemed to be real happy. They actually wound up with a duck couple who nested in their yard. After a few days of seeing them around when I was hanging laundry outside, I decided they needed names. For some reason I chose Myrtle & George at random. Now, every time I seen a duck couple after that I told D they were Myrtle & George checking up on us, or come to play & watch over us. It got to the point where he would point them out himself before I could spot them.
When we moved to Ohio, we used to go wandering and he would spot a couple and ask "Is that Myrtle & George?" He really seemed comforted by the fact that Myrtle & George were watching out for us, and checking to make sure we were doing ok in Ohio, just like they did in Kelowna.
Eventually we travelled back to BC in the warmer months, so they flew with us all the way across the country, and each time he spotted them it made him so happy, almost like he knew he wasn't alone. The happy spark always lasted just a moment for us to see, then he hid it inside himself. The picture from above is when MIL & I took a walk at a local Creek/Waterfalls. On the way D & I were ahead of H, and he spotted them. There, swimming up the creek, were Myrtle & George. He yelled at me to look, showed me this smile & jumped up in the air for joy before he stuffed it away for himself.

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