Friday, February 05, 2010


Heading to Gramma's for the weekend. need to re-charge the batteries to go on.
Mr & my mom's Mr had it out yesterday, and plans have been put in action to speed our departure for the northern region closer to my Gramma.
Have a meeting with D's Principal, Teacher & Native Advocate today after school gets out. Should be fun...can't wait. Have phoned and chatted with nearly everyone that I can think of that may be able to help me devise a plan. Have written notes of what I'd like to talk about, and am about as ready as I'm ever going to be to push them to do proper testing, and possibly either changing his classroom or getting him a Learning Assistant.
We took the kids to a place called H2O in Kelowna lastnight. We got a rushed dinner after D got home from school, then headed out and spent 3 hours in the water splashing and playing. I'm friggin beat today, and after such a hard workout with the boys, somehow or other they both ended up in bed with us lastnight...made for a restless sleep cause they all have their own weird patterns.
I think I may be coming down with a form of viral bronchitis that my mom is just getting over. I feel a strong need to sleep (though this may be due to all the hard work yesterday), and slept my morning away until I was forced to get up and pack for our weekend.
Hoping things will go our way...cause we're expecting to hear from Immigration regarding Mr's work permit and status. If it comes through by the end of the month, we'll be outta here, with nothing but a dusttrail left behind us.
Pray for us folks, this is one of those times where we need the blocks to fall into place in order for it to work out.

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