Saturday, September 27, 2008

Stupid Marathon

Talkin on the phone with Kimmie this morning and he said it was Tia's birthday, and asked how old she would be in cat years. If I looked up the conversion correctly, she is 10 years old this year, and that would make her 53 in Human years! She's old!

Paul Newman died yesterday. Sad...never got round to watching all of his movies, maybe I should do it now, and reserve them at the library to do so.

Woosterfest (an Oktoberfest wannabe) kicked off lastnight here in town, and we decided to check it out. Now, it wasn't really a thing for kids in the evening, but today they're supposed to have some fun things. Not that we're going today. We only went down lastnight to check out the booths, and what-not. There was a great South American guy with a booth of wonderful clothing and jewelry, and had 100% wool clothing that just felt amazingly soft, and I wanted to buy it so badly.
This morning Darius had a Flag Football game, and he had the new position of runningback, just for a few plays. He did a great job though. I got videos, and pictures, but I'm not uploading right now, maybe later.
Someone decided to have a marathon in town, and didn't post any notices (not that I seen) about what roads were closed where. It was stupid...S-T-U-P-I-D and incredibly frustrating trying to negotiate my way to the north end of town when all of the major main roads going both east and north were all closed off. Nevermind the fact that Main street downtown was closed for the festival. I wanted to seriously hurt someone, it was that aggrievating.

Anyways...gonna be a long night.
Just got the boys off for a nap, hopefully that little bit of quiet time will help tame the frustration just a bit :o)

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Anonymous said...

There were notices posted all over the local papers.

Anonymous said...

I saw the very same vendor and felt the same way you did...very nice things!