Tuesday, September 02, 2008


We're counting down now, trying not to let it ruin our good time, cause the time just flies by when you're having fun, and that's definitely what we've been doing.
Took mom shopping today, just the to of us, Fabric stores, thrift stores, craft stores, you know how we are. We were out for four hours, which felt like forever when you don't have the kids. When you do have the kids you always know what time it is cause they always keep you in check when it's snack or meal or changing time.
We went to D&R's last night for a BBQ where we (Darius & I) had a water balloon fight, and played in the splashy pool. I liked having a water balloon fight, it's been a while. Maybe next time I'll actually buy the proper balloons for it. Had lotsa yummy food, and ate and ate and ate. Gawsh.
I got so many ideas for projects in mind, I hope i can finish them before they leave, cause I want to make a few things for family members back home for gifts.
Ronnie supposed to come over tonight to play some games cause Chance is closing the store tonight. I'm trying to convince him to just go for manager (he complains it's only 1 dollar more and hour, like that WOULDN'T help us or anything), but I don't know if my encouragement is falling on deaf ears or not.
I'm hoping tonight we can book a room for mom & Kim in Akron with a pool. Friday night they're gonna go stay at a hotel cause it would require us to pull an all nighter to get them there on time, and I don't trust Chance's driving that late/early by himself, cause I don't think Rhonda would be able to watch the kids overnight, or while we catch up on sleep afterwards. I actually haven't asked either, but whatever, we'll go with what we got. Anyhow, Friday we're supposed to go to a pasta house in Akron courtesy of Ronnie & Don, and then I'm hoping we can get that hotel with a pool so the kids can have a late night splash before saying goodnight and goodbye.
I got the replacement nose pieces for my glasses today, and was sure surprised that they were little circles...I'll hafta get pictures of it and post em on Flickr. They feel better now anyways, I told mom that I was getting used to not adjusting them with my right hand cause I didn't want to scratch my nose, and that I had gotten used to everything being just a little wonky. Heehee.
I'm gonna make a couple of dips tonight for our game night, and am also hoping to cut out all the stuff that I wanna sew in the next two days.
I realized this morning that I missed Hunter's Speech Therapy. Stupid long weekend threw me for a loop, and I when I woke up I thought it was Monday, not Tuesday. I'll hafta call them.
Tomorrow we're going to see the Cleveland Indians play the Chicago White Sox in Cleveland. Kimmie keeps trying to tell us that before (or after, I can't remember) the 7th inning everyone stands up and stretches and sings "take me out to the ball game". I keep telling him he's on crack. We shall see though. Later that night we're supposed to go bowling, as we've promised Darius we would while Nana & Kimmie were here.
Thursday we're getting some family portraits done, and I dunno what else, hopefully I can do some sewing then as well.
I'm kinda hungry....I guess I'll go find something to eat.

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Nietha said...

Yeah if I'm not wearing my glasses I still reach up to adjust them on my nose. Just another example of habit and what our body does without thinking!

In between the top and the bottom of the 7th is called the 7th inning stretch =) TV stations take the lil bit of extra available time to do a recap on the game up to that point.

I'm glad you guys thought of portraits, I totally wouldn't have thought of planning that. Good job.