Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Afterglow is so Dim!

Gosh, life is so difficult to re-adjust to once mom and Kim have gone. I've slept in the past two mornings, throwing my schedule off completely.
I have nothing to do...I could clean the house, make gourmet meals, finish the laundry I started before they left, or make my bed and put away the laundry that I did before the left as well. I haven't done anything...I think I'm avoiding it.
On their final evening we went to an Italian place that served very large portions and loads of actual garlic bread (not the crummy breadsticks that Olive Garden has). They took a bit getting our order but...a) we had a very large order, and b) we hit them in the middle of a huge rush! Anyhow, after eating my salad and garlic toast, I had little room left for my meal, so ended up taking a half of a half an order home with well as an order of their tiramisu (which was amazing).
We went to the hotel and went swimming as planned, then watched tv while we all complained about being full.
It wasn't long before Hunter was gathering his shoes and telling us he wanted to leave so he could get some sleep.
Gosh, I could hardly speak, and so I didn't because I just didn't trust myself. I bawled all the way home, and was grateful both boys zonked right out.
I'm so one to bounce stupid random thoughts off of. No one to catch a moments humor in the little things I spy each day. I already deeply miss someone who understand me.
I don't believe I've moped the last two days, but I'm definitely not as uninhibited as I'd like to be.
The boys and I walked downtown this afternoon, cause I just couldn't stand being in the house. We left at about 2:15 and got home about 5:30. I had intended to take us to the library, but when we arrived the damned doors were locked! I can't imagine why they were closed so early on a Sunday when their doors state that they don't usually close until 5pm on Sundays. Blah on them! At least we returned the books we had with us. We had stopped at the store on the way there and had a snack, and on the way back home we stopped at the park where both boys played, but were cut short when Hunter made a mess of his diaper and pants, and caught me without backups. So, we ambled home and I got started on dinner and watched Narnia with the boys.
Hunter is starting to talk little bit by little bit. Yesterday he popped out with the word "Fly". He now says bus, fly, home, oh no!, me, mine...and I can't think of what else. Credit for Oh No goes to Kimmie...and Hunter just kinda spat the other words out at random times when they applied.
Soon enough he'll be jabbering on with the rest of my boys.
It's quiet here, almost unnaturally so. Both boys are occupied, and Chance is closing the store this eve...I'm all alone with just Hunter for company once D goes to bed. D doesn't have school tomorrow on account of the county fair being in town...for some reason they actually give the whole school a day off just to go to it...but since we've already been, it's just another day for us.
I dunno what we'll get up to...maybe we'll go for our usual park and walk day, I do need to pick up some butter, I don't know why I didn't think of it while I was there today.
The house is a mess...but I don't think I care enough to clean it again.

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Janet said...

I can never finish any meal I have out in most places, god, they always give way too much! I went to a tapas place last Saturday and that was more my style...little bites of this and that...perfect!