Saturday, July 26, 2008

Totally Amazing...

Here we go again...
I often wonder, when faced with situations like this, why do we believe what people tell us? Are we really that gullible and naive to think that whatever someone tells us is the truth and the be all end all of both advice and knowledge?
So we visited the Immigration attorney yesterday and were informed that by October we may have to leave Ohio for Canada again unless something drastic can be done in the short time-frame that we've been given. My choices are : file a paper to get a copy of EVERYTHING I've ever filed with the INS, file a new "Adjustment of Status" even though we're not certain whether or not my last filings were considered abandoned or not, go back to Canada and be forced to stay there for a minimum of 3 years (only if I leave before Oct.) before I'm allowed to re-apply for anything in the USA, leave after the Oct. date and end up being banned from the USA for 10 years before I'm allowed to come back, miraculously get my Native American Status before then and NOT have to worry about it.
It's incredibly disheartening to know that even though I'm trying to do everything straight and legal that they make me hate this country this much because of stupid legalities that shouldn't even apply to me.
I'm frustrated, and almost depressed (but not quite), and very discouraged. I'm beginning to think that I may never amount to anything in the USA. I've never met anything but roadblocks here, and they're doing their damnedest to make sure I'm never going to be happy here.
I'm sad because we always seem to be facing such overwhelming odd when we're faced with ANYTHING in our lives together. it seems a miracle that we're even still together. Normal people wouldn'tve stayed together for so long faced with such odds.
That's right, I'm saying I'm special ;o)
I never would have come here knowing for certain that my paperwork wasn't fully in order. I just believed what I wanted to believe, and now I'm in such a jam that I have no one but myself to blame over this whole stupid ordeal. I never should have left Canada, and I knew it. This is the consequence for not believing in myself.

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Anonymous said...

I think there's a number of factors that play into this whole fiasco, but the key is to look forward and not beat ourselves up over what's already happened. We'll figure this out.

pixiedash said...

Moving to a different country will come with its incredibly stupid legalities and paperwork. I'm dealing with the same thing now, but the opposite country - I'm moving from the US to Canada. Man, the paperwork alone can kill someone. I don't know how people do this everyday. Yeesh. It's amazing. Don't worry - you're not alone. I'm doing the paperwork too. I can't do anything in Canada until they're all in and processed. Ugh!!

pixiedash said...

Oh, P.S. Are you yet frustrated with the American healthcare system? I am so glad Lily Bean doesn't have to deal with that. The Canadian healthcare system is soooo much better. I'd move you and the kids back to Canada just for that!