Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Dresser

Hmmm, I wonder why we've been here a month and a half and I haven't taken any pictures of the inside of the house yet. *shrugs*
We bought a new dresser (if you can call it that, it's so big) for the boys today. Ronnie didn't feel well enough to go to Grandpa's earlier this morning so she opted instead to take us shopping for their new dresser. It's huge! It holds all of their pj's, under things, pants, shorts, and one whole drawer is empty yet, and I have yet to decide what's going to go into it.
I seized the opportunity to go through their clothes and weed out what was too small and put them to the side.
We'll get around to getting them a bunk bed someday, but for now what we have will do. *sigh*
I'm a little annoyed that my finger got smunched getting the silly thing in the house and upstairs. Chance has friends who can help him, shouldn't be my It was a bit of a pain getting it in because we had to clear a path and such, and then switch everything over while trying to keep the kids calm (which they NEVER are when other ppl are around) and out of harm's way. Eventually we got it done though.
I got it organized for the most part in there, and spent a bit more time in our room again (I spent a good 2-3 hours cleaning our room yesterday, hanging pictures, organizing our closet etc) trying to fit in the extra drawer space I had and making it look pretty again as I just despise sleeping in such chaos.
The boys had fun playing dress up today while I was sorting and putting away their clothes, reminds me that I should make some new costumes that Darius can fit. Hmm...
Reminds me as well we gotta get school clothes shopping again here soon for the 5 new outfits that we agreed on. School is just around the corner!
Thursday Hunter starts his speech therapy. I wonder what new things they can teach us...
Got all the pictures hung up round the house now, 4 frames were broken when a box of them got moved & covered :o(
It's hard to believe July is almost over...counting down the days now!

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